Get Help With A Project?

We are looking for host-sites for Training Programs to help more people learn how to build a Jean Pain Mound. If you are interested in having a Jean Pain Mound to save money on energy costs, you can apply to become a host-site. The CPN facilitates and manages training classes in which students engage in hands-on learning experiences while building a compost power system based on our modifications to Jean Pain's method.

Classes can be designed according to the parameters of the host-site and usually entail two days of hands-on construction and a few hours of class-room discussion.

Any property owner, farm or institution that is interested in having a Jean Pain Mound can be a host to a CPN training program. The host will pay only the material cost of the Jean Pain Mound, as the labor, design and program costs are covered by the student tuition. Interested host-sites should contact CPN, click here to let us know some details about your site and goals, and we’ll be in touch usually within one week.