About CompostPower.org

The Compost Power Network is a not-for-profit educational networking organization dedicated to expanding the use of regenerative soil-building energy systems based on woody biomass.
Our team includes experts on forestry, permaculture, compost science, renewable energy, biogas engineering and local economic development and we are dedicated to building a regenerative waste-free forestry/agriculture/energy model to answer the enormous challenges posed by peak-oil, soil depletion and wasteful energy systems.
Our mission is three-fold:
1. To embark on research and development projects to refine and develop holistic systems for generating soil from woody biomass while capturing energy.
2. To expand awareness, public knowledge-base and application of regenerative soil-building energy systems based on woody biomass by making our findings available to all.
3. To serve as an educational and networking resource to empower individuals, farmers and institutions to apply these systems, bringing best practices to market.