Welcome to the Compost Power Network

Since 2010 the Compost Power Network has operated as a not-for-profit educational networking organization dedicated to expanding the use of regenerative soil-building compost heat recovery systems.Over the years we have assited with or built many dozens of compost heat recovery systems that have provided combustion-free hot water and heat for buildings, greenhouses, etc. 

We have collaborated on research and demonstration projects with several universities, Highfields Center for Composting and Agrilab Technologies to bring this exciting concept to the next level. Please watch this short video for background on the concept and visual explanations of two different approaches we have found to be successful. 


Our work is inspired by the innovation of Jean Pain who pioneered compost heat recovery in the 1970s. Jean Pain powered his entire home and farm on the heat and natural gas he captured from specially designed woody-biomass-based compost-systems.

We have tested Jean Pain’s methods with much trial and error and much success. With a “Jean Pain Mound” or an actively aerated compost heat recovery system from Agrilab Technologies it is possible for a home, farm or business to generate cost-effective combustion-free energy for space-heating and hot water, using local renewable resources while generating soil.

Our Design Guide is published as a tool for DIY projects and includes several modifications we've made to make Jean Pain's method more reliable. 

Also, in 2013 the founder of CompostPower.org, Gaelan Brown, wrote the first book ever published about the concept for a major US publisher. The Compost Powered Water Heater will be available on Amazon in May 2014.

The Compost Powered Water Heater

The book aims to be a valuable tool for anyone interested in putting compost heat recovery to work in their lives. It includes several lenghty case-study style reports including images and diagrams on projects we've helped with all over the world from Norway, Chile, Siberia, Canada and the US.  

Several university campus projects are detailed including the world's first compost-heated college dormitory at Evergreen State College in Washington State, the engineered Isobar system at the University of New Hampshire and a multi-year research project for greenhouse heating at the University of Vermont. 

Please contact us to get help on your project. Compost Power works if approached properly and there are many ways to do it. However we have learned the hard way the many errors that are possible and we'd love to help you do it right!